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CBDDONA is a new premium line of cannabis products designed to help alleviate symptoms and improve the lives of female users. PMS, cramps, stress, anxiety, insomnia and low libido are just a few of the challenges women have to deal with on a regular basis. While searching for new natural ways to help with these challenges, we discovered CBD. And we haven't looked back since. Born in Barcelona, CBD DONA was brought to life by like-minded women looking for reliable and natural ways to improve their everyday lives. By paying special attention to safety and quality, CBD Dona has created a selection of products you will love. We made sure to get all of our products extensively tested by women of all ages with different health and beauty challenges. As a result, we have created products that can answer and meet many of your needs. Our approach is based on available facts and research. We know CBD is not a miracle drug able to cure every illness on the planet, and we will never claim otherwise. But it can help live a better life. Thousands of women worldwide reach out for CBD when looking for support in fighting daily challenges, like anxiety, problems with sleep quality, or skin impurities. CBDDONA is not only your go-to source for premium CBD products, but also a great place to learn more about CBD. With our selection of specialists, from gynaecologists to doctors, to nutritionists and beauticians, we provide a constant and reliable flow of information. We do all this to help you take advantage of the power of CBD.


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