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IncaEarth is a plant-based product brand developed by Lone Sorensen personally over the last 40 years. All products are 100% natural and vegan for therapeutic treatments and personal and health care. IncaEARTH is suitable for both adults and children. In addition, IncaEARTH is ideal for customers who are looking for products that do not irritate the skin and body. Through Lone Sorensen's work as a therapist and teacher in South America, - and through the time when Lone developed new neurologically oriented zone and reflexology methods, has encounters with natives in the Andes between Argentina and Chile, where a very high-quality rose hips grow, under completely natural conditions in a nature park. In addition, Lone Sorensen has worked in the Amazon jungle, inspired to use the natives' products and their recipes. For more than 20 years, Lone Sorensen has travelled the world teaching the therapeutic methods she has developed. During these travels, Lone Sorensen has encountered other unique and special raw products, such as the Original Frankincense Boswellia Sacra from the desert of Oman. As a result of inspiration from natives and a desire to offer 100% natural and vegan products, IncaEARTH by Lone Sorensen today offers 80 unique products for use in treatments and personal and health care.


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