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Calle via Laietana, 12 - P. 1 PTA. 3, Barcelona, 08003, Barcelona
Stickman Cycling

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“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Free your spirit, by cycling with Stickman Here at Stickman Cycling, we’re unique – just like you. We’re not like any other brand, and we won’t bore you with blandness. Instead, we value the crazy, the awesome, the art, the inspiration in this chaotic world. All in all, we can say that one word summarizes it all - Stickman. Stickman was created with the intention of never backing down. In the mundane cycling world, we are here to change the game. Stickman was created by young athletes who have lived all over the world. The brand has combined the craziness of Los Angeles, the elegance of Europe, and the organic nature of Brazil into our brand, adding that cultural vibe of Barcelona. If the world is filled with vibrant colors and life – then cycling should be too. Come on in, and join the new cycling revolution – with Stickman! So, what makes us the best?


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